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Alex is entrepreneur passionate about people development, inspiration, Sales, SalesTech and IT. He launched his first startup at age 17. When he was 18, managed to develop innovative crowdfunding startup. For 7 years succeded as CEO of Atlas Logistics and by growing exceptional organizational culture brought his company to the next level, increased sales and launched new services.

Since 2014 Alex performed at numerouse great business events as business trainer and keynote speaker. In a short period of time Alex has already enchanted audience in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Today Alex continues to perform at business events and the same time is building his SalesArmy to become number one in SalesTech world.

main values

  • 100% tested

    All the knowledge and conclusions you will hear were checked by Alex in real business

  • Real stories

    The stories and cases used in the speeches
    are based on real events

  • Theory. The most

    In 40 minutes, you will hear the best practice
    from Alex of more than 100 business books

  • Inspiring!

    Alex will charm your audience, charge them
    with energy, speed and inspiration for new

  • Author's submission

    You will see a unique performance, which is
    the intellectual property of Alex Fridman

  • Concrete tools

    You will learn specific tips and tools that
    can be immediately used in life!

6 facts about Alex Fridman

  • 50 trainings

    Conducted more than 50 trainings in 6 different countries

  • 3 years

    3 years
    of experience
    as business trainer
    and keynote speaker

  • 17 sales

    Built and developed
    17 sales teams
    in 4 different

  • 10 years

    10 years of experience
    in Sales

  • 7 years

    More than 7 years as
    CEO of Atlas Logistics

  • The most charismatic

    The most charismatic
    Keynote speaker from
    the Baltic States

new talks

  • IceCream
    "Fall in love with your

    Those who are in love with their goal will make this world different! Stop going towards islande “nowhere” and find out what do you really want from life! What drives you! How to do what you want insted of what you must! Wakeup your innerchild with great innermotivation spirit! You will understand how to visualise your dream and step by step make it come true! Your take aways from this presentation will be examples, tools and tricks to train your ability of goal setting! When you know what you want and trully love it, the whole universe will work for you!

  • Mr Brain World
    "To succed focus on
    the Heart"

    Sales is concentrating on your clients heart. Client portrait, his values, pain and you. While speaking with a client, listen carefully to his heart. What do you have in common with your client? Service from Hell, and service from heaven. Do you collect clients responds? Do you know how competitors deliver joy? What does your client really wants? Don’t miss Alex Fridman presentation, you will get unexpected answers to these questions!

  • Mrs Negotiator
    "Face to face

    Be like a wise woman! Your appearance, internal sensation and even your handshake are extremely important influencing factors to make the deal. During this presentation you will learn how to lead the tough negotiations, how to control your energy and keep emotional balance. Moreover, you will explore manipulation techniques and will get roadmap to negotiation. You will learn to be important and irreplaceable. Most importantly, you learn how not to give up before the time. Every women needs this knowledge, you deserve it!

  • Not our Temper
    corporate culture"

    Does your company have a character? Have you reached an agreement with your employers about common values and commandments? Does everyone knows the reason why your company exist? What motivates your employees? Intrinsic motivation or reward and punishment? Can you win a competitor with a large budget only basing on your character and team spirit? Explore new knowledges for your team about excellent corporate culture and you will get an outstanding results!

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Reviews from our customers

  • “I love that Latfact community, in addition to a technical has introduced a business and sales oriented format.
    This is where I first met Alex with this talk "Chasing Dreams". Talented speaker with inspiring, business-oriented talks.
    Alex presentations have a lot of takeaways, insights and just-do-it actions.
    When I asked him to share and reveal some of his presentation tricks with me, he did it easily. Since that, he is my friend and partner in crime.”

    Artur Karbone Independent IT consultant, open source contributor

  • “I was surpised by your speech about love. It was full of energy, very motivational and exciting. You are excellent speaker and I like your presentation style very much. I recommend Alex Fridman for any motivational speeches, as well as presenter for sales related events.”

    Andrejs gavrilovs Baltic Sales Direktor, AS ELKO Group

  • “Alex in an inspiring speaker, able to sp­ark the light in eve­ryone's heart. I con­stantly meet people influenced by Alex and their lives have changed for the best. True influencer, c­apable of making a huge difference. High­ly recommended!”

    Eduard Sizov Founder and Leader of LatCraft community

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